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Room With a View

​We originally designed "Room with a view" seven years ago and it has proven extremely popular.


Each room is fitted with dimmable led's and a backlit window. Behind this window is a changable A4 size photograph giving the room depth and the ability to vary the outlook with different pictures.


Each cabinet comes fully wired with a UK sourced transformer and is constructed by hand from solid oak/Walnut and real wood veneered boards. 

To the side are  pictures looking into our room cabinet. Since its 1st design we have made numerous enhancements which include:

  • Hidden led's in warm white giving a realistic lighting effect to the room. This can be switched off independently of all other lights and can be dimmed at the touch of a switch. 

  • Back lit picture that is changable and dimmable to give different outside light effects

  • Invisible plug sockets located behind the floor skirting

  • Fitted curtains - usually four sets to choose from 

  • Removable front panel to provide excellent access for dressing the box.

  • A picture pack selection to provide a range of backdrops

Options include:

  1. Oak beams

  2. Oak floors

  3. Ceiling lighting

  4. Oak Windows (Tudor)